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Eharmony at a glance

You've no doubt seen commercials for eharmony on TV or on various websites. No doubt, this prominent dating site has become one of the biggest players in online dating. But how exactly does eharmony work? in this article, we will take a brief look at some of eharmony's features.


It is worth noting that eharmony is unlike other dating sites. The typical online dating site allows you to create a profile and search for a match. Some will even have some rudimentary matchmaking features you can take advantage of. But for the most part, you need to do the leg work in order to find someone you are compatible with.

At eharmony, all the work is done for you. But there is more you have to do upfront. Upon registering, you will need to complete a questionnaire which is multiple pages long. What's more the questions are such that they may require some thought to answer. All said, the signup process with eharmony will take close to an hour. At a regular dating site, the same process may only take a few minutes.

Once the eharmony system is armed with your questionnaire results, they use a complex algorithm to match you up with someone in the database. Unlike other dating sites, you cannot search other members on your own. Instead, you are restricted to communicating with only those people that the eharmony matching system has selected for you. The good news is that each day, new matches will be added for you to communicate with.

A eharmony free trial may be the best way to get a better understanding of how this matchmaking process works. To be sure, it's not for everyone. But over a million people who have faithfully used the eharmony matchmaking system have found success in the form of marriage. If you're serious about finding a lifetime partner, eharmony is the solution you may be looking for.

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