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The Legend's Family Curry House Sdn Bhd has been operating as a restaurant operator since 1997, specializing in Clay pot Briyani and Banana Leaf cuisine. Via rebranding exercise in 2009, we have been seriously promoting our signature item, Claypot Briyani which have been getting remarkable feedback from our customers. Together with good quality food, clean, cozy environment and friend services, we promise to provide an unforgettable experience to our customers.

To be the most preferred modern family restaurant in the neighbourhood

To provide superior offering of quality food and service for a good experience

What are we today 

In 2008, Legend's undertook a rebranding exercise by adopting a modern outlook restaurant with today's lifestyle

Legend's Concept
Modern, comfortable and hygienic
Dine-in and takeaway
Quick food ordering and serving
Easy to operate outlets
IT integration and realtime information
Centralized kitchen
Uniform image

Legend's Claypot Briyani House invites you to experience an authentic Malaysian Indian Claypot Briyani Rice that is uniquely savoring taste. The sizzling briyani rice blended with rich aroma of Indian herbs and spices. Our award winning restaurant offers the best Claypot Briyani dishes from the best chef who have created menus sure to tempt and inspire.



Types of E-cigarette Batteries

One of the first decisions you'll have to make if you want to vape is what type of battery to purchase. This may seem like a straightforward process, but it actually is not simple at all. A quick look at major e-cig stores will reveal that there are dozens, even hundreds of different batteries available for purchase. To make matters worse, it's often difficult to figure out which atomizers, cartridges, or tanks are compatible with each battery.

halo cigsTo start, you need to determine how much vaping you'll be doing, as this will dictate to some degree the type of battery you should acquire. If you only plan to vape the equivalent of a half pack a day, a small battery may be enough for you. On the other hand, chain vapers should opt for a larger battery that will last a longer period of time. Either way, all vapers should get at least two batteries, so they have a backup if one of the batteries dies or is lost. I recommend batteries from Halo Cigs, since they seem to last a longer time than other batteries on the market. Be sure to use E-cig coupon codes if you buy from Halo. Unfortunately, there is no way to test batteries to see what you like. Because of this, I believe the best way to select a battery is by reading reviews and also perusing articles like this one.

Briefly, there are two types of e-cig batteries you can choose. One is the smaller battery type that resembles a real cigarette. The good thing about these kinds of batteries is that they are easy to carry around and they look rather nice. The downside, of course, is that they do not carry a charge for too long. One way to address this issue is by having three or four batteries handy. The larger batteries come with more features, such as the ability to adjust the wattage. On the whole, these larger batteries also last much longer. By my estimation, if you buy a large battery, you can expect them to last roughly twice as long as their smaller counterparts.

Eharmony at a glance

You've no doubt seen commercials for eharmony on TV or on various websites. No doubt, this prominent dating site has become one of the biggest players in online dating. But how exactly does eharmony work? in this article, we will take a brief look at some of eharmony's features.


It is worth noting that eharmony is unlike other dating sites. The typical online dating site allows you to create a profile and search for a match. Some will even have some rudimentary matchmaking features you can take advantage of. But for the most part, you need to do the leg work in order to find someone you are compatible with.

At eharmony, all the work is done for you. But there is more you have to do upfront. Upon registering, you will need to complete a questionnaire which is multiple pages long. What's more the questions are such that they may require some thought to answer. All said, the signup process with eharmony will take close to an hour. At a regular dating site, the same process may only take a few minutes.

Once the eharmony system is armed with your questionnaire results, they use a complex algorithm to match you up with someone in the database. Unlike other dating sites, you cannot search other members on your own. Instead, you are restricted to communicating with only those people that the eharmony matching system has selected for you. The good news is that each day, new matches will be added for you to communicate with.

A eharmony free trial may be the best way to get a better understanding of how this matchmaking process works. To be sure, it's not for everyone. But over a million people who have faithfully used the eharmony matchmaking system have found success in the form of marriage. If you're serious about finding a lifetime partner, eharmony is the solution you may be looking for. Review is one of the oldest websites dedicated to online dating. Over the years, I have used this site off and on, and in this article I will talk about my experience using this dating service. If you don't already have a account, I suggest you check out the free trial offer.

match datingI first started using over 10 years ago, and have returned to it from time to time. The question everyone has at first is whether or not works, and if so, how well it works. I can attest to the fact that the site does indeed work, and can assist you in finding someone to date. That said, it's not easy and does require some work on your part.

For the most part works just like any other dating site. This means that you sign up, upload picture, answer questions, and write a description to get started. Once your dating profile is set up, you must then search for someone to date. This is where some work is required, especially if you are a guy. In just a few minutes, you'll no doubt find dozens of people you are interested in. The problem, however, is that it's not always easy to start a dialogue with the person you want to communicate with. People in general, and women in particular, get flooded with messages and most get ignored.

The only way to get around this issue is to communicate with as many prospects as possible. You can't be shy on a site like Also, you need to manage your expectation and accept the fact that many messages you send won't get a response. Most people who are successful on spend a couple hours every day on the site. So using successfully means you need to make a certain time commitment. Like many other things in life, the results you get depend on your effort.

With that said, if you find that you are not getting the results you want, it may make sense to invest in a book or course on how to date successfully online. Sometimes, making just a few tweaks on how you communicate with others will result in a significant improvement.

Three Options for Borrowing Video Games

Video games are expensive. New releases in fact, can cost $60 or more. That can be quite an investment, especially if you're still a student or if you don't have a job that pays well. One thing gamers do to mitigate this cost is borrow games instead of buying them. I own both an Xbox and Playstation and only own two games. Everything else I play is borrowed. So what are the best ways to borrow video games? Here are the three main methods I use.

1) Borrow from friends.
This is the best options simply because it costs nothing. But the catch is that you need to know a lot of gamers who have the same interest as you when it comes to gaming. Otherwise, you'll quickly deplete the number of games you can borrow. In addition, you need to have games that your friends will want to borrow so there is an equitable give and take. After all, it wouldn't be fair if you're doing all the borrowing and not offering something in return. Unfortunately, since I don't have a library of games, this option was never really an option for me. I do have friends, however, who borrow from each other quite a bit.


2) Redbox.
This is a good option but also a pricey one. For most locations, video games will cost $2.00 per day, and in most cases, you'll want to borrow a game for at least 2 or 3 days to get the most out of it. That means that you'll be shelling out $6.00 every time you borrow a game. It's not too bad, but I think there are better options out there (see below).

3) Gamefly.
Using gamefly is my favorite option. The site allows you to rent as many games as you want for a flat monthly rate. And membership starts at under $15 per month. While it's not cheap, it's definitely reasonable given that there is not limit on the number of game you can borrow throughout a month. You manage a queue online and send back games when you are done playing them. Once they receive the game back from you, the next game in the queue is sent to you, typically within days. It's a neat, streamlined system and you can get a Gamefly free trial that lasts a full month if you want to check out the service risk-free. Overall, it's the best bang for your buck as far as I'm concerned. And for the most part, you won't have problems finding the games you want either, since Gamefly has a library of over 8000 games.

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